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The Authoritative Guide to the Top CASB Use Cases

This white paper will share insight into the key use cases and overview the benefits that provide a strong return on investment for CASB✛ users. The Top Threats Working Group of the Cloud Security Alliance published a comprehensive report on the Cloud Computing Top Threats and identified the most up-to-date, expert ranked understanding of cloud security risks. They include risks of cloud account hijacking, cloud data breaches, insecure application program interfaces (APIs), misconfiguration and administration errors, system vulnerability exploits, an expanded set of potential malicious insiders, advanced persistent threats, and much more.

Your day to day business operations are now dependent on the cloud. Has your security solution evolved as a result? Legacy security solutions cannot fully protect the modern cloud and mobile workforce. Lookout Cloud Access Security Brokers is the answer.

Read this whitepaper to understand the key CASB use cases and learn the benefits CASB will provide to your organization. 

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