Better together: unifying mobile endpoint security and management

Google Cloud Workspace has become the primary way many organizations are enabling their workers to stay productive. While working away from the office, cloud apps like Docs, Drive and Gmail enables people to stay connected to work even while they’re on their tablets, phones and Chromebooks. Google Cloud and Lookout have partnered together to ensure that your organization can continue to empower remote workers while keeping your data and infrastructure secure.

"Lookout has a long history of protecting users and enterprises from threats, and we appreciate their contributions to the Android ecosystem. Lookout has been an important partner in helping us keep the Google Play Store secure and the App Defense Alliance is an important extension of our partnership."

Dave Kleidermacher, VP of Android Security, Google
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Empower your remote workers to be productive and secure

Cloud productivity suites such as Google Cloud Workspace are how everyone stays productive while working away from the office. But this means that your workers are no longer protected by perimeter-based security solutions.

Lookout and Google Cloud ensure that you only provide access to mobile devices with acceptable levels of risk. With a platform built for mobile from the ground up, Lookout can detect threats even if we’ve never seen them before. We provide continuous security telemetry to Google Cloud Identity, ensuring that your data and infrastructure stay secure.

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How Lookout and Google Cloud enable Zero Trust

Securely Enable Your Employees

Learn how Continuous Conditional Access can secure your organization regardless of where your employees choose to work.

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