Accelerate Secure Digital Transformation with SASE

Lookout Secure Access Service Edge Solution

What is SASE?

Why integrating SASE and endpoint security is essential

With digital collaboration skyrocketing, data now goes wherever it’s needed. To tap into this boosted productivity without risking your data, you need to stay in full control. This is where secure access service edge (SASE) comes in, delivering protection in the cloud like you still have a perimeter.

But, privacy has become a major concern with everyone working remotely. Existing SASE technologies are invasive and clash with the users expectation of privacy, especially on their personal devices. At Lookout, we have integrated endpoint security with SASE to protect your data in a manner that respects personal privacy.

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Secure Data from Endpoint-to-App with SASE

The first step of securing data is knowing what’s going on. It’s hard to see the risks you’re up against when your users are everywhere, using networks you don’t control to access your data in the cloud. Lookout SASE eliminates the guesswork by providing visibility into what’s happening — on unmanaged endpoints, in the cloud and everywhere in between.

We analyze behaviors to detect insider threats and file-less cyberattacks. We can detect malicious content and classify your sensitive data on the fly. We also continuously monitor the risk level of your endpoints so you can dynamically modify access to protect your data.

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Make Sense Of Everything with Unified Insights from SASE

Standalone tools make cybersecurity unnecessarily complex and inefficient. Your team may make mistakes and glance over security gaps if they have to juggle multiple software. Our integrated SASE platform gives you actionable insights about users, endpoints, apps and data.

With everything in one place, you can implement security policies that ensure you stay in total control. We also provide all the telemetry data you need to hunt for threats and conduct forensic investigations into advanced cyberattacks.

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Seamless access with precise controls

Cloud access doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Security also shouldn’t interrupt productivity or impair the user’s experience. Lookout SASE gives you  complete visibility into everything with unified control so you can secure your data by dialing in precise access and providing a seamless and efficient experience.

We give granular and dynamic access that matches the user’s risk posture. We understand what apps and data your employees need for work. We also have deep knowledge of your data and can encrypt it on the go to prevent unauthorized access.

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