Lookout is the First Cloud Mobile Security Solution on the Inaugural StateRAMP Authorized Vendor List

5 Best Practices for Achieving Zero Trust in a Changing Threat Landscape

Cybersecurity risk has expanded across every reach of state and local government due to major shifts in hybrid remote work environments.

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Evolution of Digital Government

  • State and local government agencies have rapidly shifted to offer more flexible remote public services
  • Many of the traditional interactions between citizens and workers in healthcare, utility, transportation, education and public safety are evolving through a digital transformation, in which data is accessed via cloud and managed by endpoint devices
  • Public and private clouds have allowed agencies to scale data driven strategies that enable enhanced collaboration

Your Citizens and Critical Infrastructure are at Risk

  • Legacy systems create vulnerabilities that have been exploited by targeted ransomware attacks against state entities
  • In today’s hybrid work environment, personal data of citizens, patients and students is commonly accessed beyond the perimeter. This creates greater risk of sensitive data being compromised and extorted by bad actors
  • In addition, pipelines, energy grids, water supplies and transportation systems are becoming common areas of focus for cyberattackers
  • Threat intelligence collaboration can help agencies align to the framework of the Ransomware Task Force

Protection from Endpoint-to-Cloud

  • Agencies need flexibility of IT cloud operations without compromising on the security of public services and critical infrastructure
  • Lookout enables state and local government agencies to take proactive, comprehensive approaches to endpoint security even when workers are outside the protection of perimeter-based security
  • Actionable insight in a single place to implement precise policies and hunt for threats

U.S. Government Threat Report

Lookout data reveals that U.S. government organizations are increasingly targeted by credential stealing mobile attacks and exposed to hundreds of vulnerabilities from outdated operating systems and risky apps.

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Lookout delivers endpoint-to-cloud Security